Welcome to Management Development Systems
Welcome to Management Development Systems

MDS specializes in providing individualized, customized executive coaching for managers and supervisors, helping them to improve management and leadership skills and attitudes, build more effective workplace relationships, and respond successfully to various management issues and situations.

The IME program is a unique developmental opportunity that has been highly successful at Merck & Co., Inc. (1985-2014), Pfizer Inc., Sanofi, Wyeth, Johnson & Johnson, Teva, Covance, Envigo, NJABR/Elderplan, NYU Langone/Lutheran Medical Center, CBRE/JCI, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, Metropolitan Jewish Health Care System, Visiting Nurse Regional Health Care System, Lutheran Medical Center, Grand View Hospital, and Elko & Associates Ltd. At Merck, the IME program has been successful in more than thirty-five different departments at several company sites. Many of these departments had multiple participants ranging from supervisor to Vice-President. The IME program involves cooperatively establishing realistic program goals and conducting regularly scheduled half-day workshop sessions. Program participants have substantive assignments between sessions and maintain ongoing contact with MDS, even after program completion. Participants have ranged from Chief Executive Officers and Vice-Presidents to middle managers and supervisors.

The IME program has helped managers to improve significantly in such areas as:

  • Interpersonal/communication skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Motivation skills
  • Conflict management
  • Developing and mentoring staff
  • Building and maintaining workplace relationships
  • Delegation skills
  • Managing up and across
  • Leading change
  • Decision making and problem solving
  • Presentation skills
  • Negotiating, persuading, and influencing

As a result of the MDS IME program, senior and middle managers have gained important new management and leadership perspectives, insights, and understandings that they have applied successfully on the job every day.

"Joel's coaching has not only changed the way I view my role as a manager, but also has given me the confidence that I needed to lead effectively…..I am now working at a whole new level and I can attribute this to my experience with Joel."
- Leslie Monopoli, Site Engineering Services, Merck & Co., Inc., Rahway, New Jersey

"…There is no substitute for the time spent one on one with Mr. Goldberg as a coach and as a teacher. His blend of industry experience, woven with direct feedback from my peers and my boss, as well as his own understanding of me were extremely helpful in guiding my personal development as a leader and a team participant. I was able to hear and see some things about myself that I was either unable or unwilling to recognize up to this point in my career…"
- Gregory Landis, Director, Site Facilities Engineering, Merck & Co., Inc., West Point, Pennsylvania

"The 'Individualized Management Excellence' program was an effective resource for me because, as the name implies, it focused on my needs and skills to become a better manager. Mr. Goldberg was able to reinforce management lessons experienced during my career and provide me with fresh views on what it means to be a manager in today's market. The time spent was an excellent investment in my career and motivated me to become a better manager and leader."
- Mark Horne, Vice-President, Grand-View Hospital, Sellersville, Pennsylvania

"….The ultimate success of the program in developing and improving my skills as a manager is that the course was focused on me. The issues and instruction were specific to my needs, but anything was fair game for discussion in complete confidence. And Joel always makes himself available outside the course for advising and mentoring on situation-specific issues that may come up."
- Robert Cavett, Site Facilities Engineering, Merck & Co., Inc.

"…the most valuable aspect of the program was that it was tailored to my personal development. The one-on-one structure of the sessions as well as the third party nature of the program allowed for candid conversations about strengths and weaknesses which would not typically be the case for company-facilitated programs."
- Todd Rohrbach, Sterile Operations, Merck & Co., Inc.

"Having completed the 'Individualized Management Excellence' program offered by Management Development Systems, Inc., I can say unreservedly that it was time and money well spent. In my particular situation, the first portion of the program was a focused attention on some areas that had the potential to inhibit the progress of my career as a scientific manager….The second part of the program was to go beyond my shortcomings and focus on developing me as a leader in the pharmaceutical industry. Again, Mr. Goldberg excelled in presenting me with a large number of books on leadership but, in addition, brought with him a series of personal anecdotes from his very wide set of acquaintances within the industry. It was this very personalized approach, and his knowledge base about management and leadership in general, combined with a set of real life experiences with the movers and shakers in the field, that made this course different from any others I have experienced. I am certainly going to recommend the IME experience to others within my company and especially to those I would like to develop as leaders from within my own sphere of influence."
- Director, Worldwide Safety Sciences, Pfizer Inc.

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