Welcome to Management Development Systems
Welcome to Management Development Systems

  • Individualized Management Excellence Program for Sanofi-Aventis, Paris, France
    MDS developed and delivered its individualized executive coaching program for a senior research leader. Coaching sessions were conducted in Cambridge, MA and Paris, France.

  • Management Excellence Program for Johnson Controls Inc./CBRE
    MDS designed and delivered an extensive management and leadership development program for approximately sixty JCI facilities managers and supervisors at GlaxoSmithKline sites in North Carolina and Pennsylvania. The program involved individualized and small group management coaching, large group management training, and Senior Leadership Team strategic planning and leadership learning sessions.

  • Organizational Assessment Project for Elderplan, MJHS
    MDS designed and conducted a comprehensive organizational assessment for this major New York health care provider. The project involved identifying and assessing current organizational needs and concerns and collaboratively developing potential strategies and solutions in response. MDS met with approximately forty key managers to get critical input and conducted follow-up briefing and planning sessions.

  • Teamwork Excellence Project for GlaxoSmithKline
    MDS worked with the US Pathology team at GSK to improve collaboration and cooperation.

  • Teamwork Excellence Workshop for the Office of Facilities Operations, New York-Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia
    MDS designed and delivered a one day workshop for OFO staff to enhance overall teamwork. The response to the training was very positive.

  • Management and Leadership Mentoring Program for Elderplan, MJHS
    MDS designed, established, and institutionalized a mentoring program to enhance and strengthen the management and leadership skills of Elderplan managers.

  • Interpersonal Skills Coaching for Emergency Room Physicians, NEs Healthcare Group
    MDS designed and conducted small group and individualized coaching sessions for four ER physicians to further strengthen their communication skills with patients, colleagues, and family members.

  • Organization Development and Improvement Project for CBSET, Inc., Lexington, Massachusetts
    In an extensive effort, MDS established and worked with the company's Operations Leadership Team to strengthen organizational structure and processes and improve efficiencies. MDS also worked with the company's managers and technicians to define and enhance organizational culture. Finally, MDS provided training in such areas as communication skills, teamwork, and leadership skills.

  • Management and Leadership Excellence Program for the Rockhill Mennonite Community, Sellersville, Pennsylvania
    MDS designed and conducted its small group executive coaching program for three key operations leaders in this continuing care retirement community.

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